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Protecting our Vulnerable Communities

As many of us sit comfortably at home wishing we could be out and about, there are also those who are terrified to be home. It is unsafe and they may have nowhere else to go. Please pay attention to those who are most vulnerable during these complex times. Intolerance as a result of the way a person feels about an individual’s gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, religion and/or ethnicity often contributes to individuals being more susceptible to violence.

As always, WCSAFE promotes and encourages healthy boundaries and supporting those in your social circles.

  • Pay attention to the children in your life and those around them. If a child does not want to hug, touch, kiss or sit with someone, listen to them. Children are smarter and more intuitive than we give them credit for. Ask questions and understand the reason for the child’s discomfort.
  • Pay extra attention to our elders and those with disabilities. In addition to being more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus, they are also sometimes targets for abuse, especially when loved ones are not around as frequently to offer support and protection.
  • Be considerate of the LGBTQ community, especially youth. In addition to the high numbers of experiences of discrimination and violence there may be many who feel they have nowhere to go for assistance. options for resources may be even more limited and challenging to access.

Sexual assault is about power and control and those who are not able to speak up for themselves are the most vulnerable populations. As a community we can support each other despite our differences. We can listen without judgement and offer resources so that assistance can be extended. This is a very difficult time for everyone but even more difficult for those who may have been in compromising situations beforehand. Now is the time to show compassion and think with our hearts.

– Sharron Fincher, Access Coordinator – WC SAFE

Sharron Fincher, Access Coordinator - WC SAFE

Sharron Fincher

Sharron is a native Detroiter and graduate of Detroit Public Schools. She attended Wayne State University’s school of social work and has been involved in the community for over 20 years. She has gained a theoretical care, as well as practical competency in case management. Sharron has worked with marginalized populations including LGBTQ, children with special needs and people of color in her professional life as well as through community service work and activism. Sharron is currently involved in many projects within the community. She is the Access Coordinator at WC SAFE where she works closely with marginalized populations who have experienced sexual assault and trauma. She is the Supreme President of Alpha Psi Kappa fraternity, Incorporated and sits on the Board of Directors for the Ruth Ellis where she is the Chairperson of the Programs Committee. Sharron is also a member of the Detroit Police Department Chief’s LGBT Advisory Board. In addition to these projects she occasionally writes for blogs and newspapers throughout metro Detroit, hosts a Podcast called The Cat’s Meow and is the creator and director for the documentary WoMan.