Counseling Services

Crisis Number.
Free. Confidential. 24/7
Crisis Number.
Free. Confidential. 24/7

Individual and group counseling services offered at Avalon are provided by a team of multifaceted and diverse professionals and are centered around empowerment and empathy toward survivors. All counselors are trained on an ongoing basis on providing services that are survivor-centered, trauma informed and culturally competent. As we understand that healing is not one size fits all, our counselors are skilled at utilizing interactive strategies to work through trauma reactions related to experiences with sexual violence and working collaboratively with survivors to ensure sessions are tailored to their specific needs and priorities.

The criteria for counseling services is that the person self-identifies as a survivor of sexual violence and is 12 years or older. We provide counseling services for both survivors directly impacted by sexual violence as well as secondary survivors, such as family members and other supportive loved ones. Survivors who are younger than 12 years old will be referred to our local child advocacy center, KidsTALK, or another local service organization that works specifically with children.

A person can request counseling services at any time during their healing process, whether it be immediately after their experience with assault or years later. All services provided by Avalon are free and confidential. To schedule an appt, please call our main office at 313-964-9701 Monday - Friday during business hours: 9am - 5pm.

Group Counseling Services

Many survivors of sexual violence process their trauma best in communal settings, such as support groups. Avalon Healing Center offers diverse opportunities to explore various methods of coping with trauma with the support of trained advocates as well as other survivors of sexual violence. Whether it be using their voice to speak or hands to create, survivors' ability to cope is supported and cultivated in brave spaces that promote empowerment and resiliency.

Group offerings and schedules vary throughout the year:

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National Sexual Assault Hotline/Resources
Michigan Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence - statewide coalition
National Human Trafficking Hotline
KidTALK Children's Advocacy Center
Our community’s Child Advocacy Center - referrals taken from LE, CPS and Avalon; non-acute response for children who have experienced physical, emotional, or sexual violence; or have witnessed domestic/sexual violence or homicide
(737) 785-7716
(313) 833-2970
Ruth Ellis Center
The Ruth Ellis Center provides trauma-informed services for LGBTQ+ youth and young adults ages 13-30. Ruth Ellis Center seeks to “create opportunities with LGBTQ+ young people to build their vision for a positive future”. Supportive services include integrated primary and behavioral health services, housing support for young people ages 12-17, advocacy and case management services for female-identifying youth, and drop-in services for recreational and social support of LGBTQ+ youth.
(313) 252-1950
LGBT Detroit
LGBT Detroit advocates for the visibility and health of Detroit’s LGBT community. They focus on youth and young adult development, sexual orientation, and gender identity education, advocacy, and support of the overall well-being of the community. Working with local, regional, state, and national partnerships, LGBT Detroit advocates for “making Detroit a safer place for all to work, play, and live, without fear and malice”. The agency provides 15 programs including healing and supportive services, gender-centered support groups, leadership academies, political and civic engagement opportunities, substance misuse services, and health research partnerships.
(313) 397-2127
SAGE Metro Detroit
SAGE Metro Detroit advocates for “programming, events, and services for LGBTQ+ older adults in metro Detroit and surrounding communities". Their work seeks to empower and support LGBTQ+ older adults through community trainings, local and state advocacy efforts, hosted events, and the creation of the Rainbow Resource Guide to promote awareness, share information, and deter discrimination.
(734) 681-0854
Affirmations was established in 1989 to provide space for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and expressions. Affirmations works to “fight for acceptance and basic human rights for our LGBTQ+ community”. Offering numerous virtual and in-person group meetings, mental health and counseling services, relationship and sexual health, rehabilitation services, addiction support, housing services, parenting resources, and domestic violence connective support.
(248) 398-7105