little brown girl poem

“Little Brown Girl”

“Little Brown Girl”

By: LaQuetta Travis


Little Brown Girl no one knows the pain you’ll go through as you grow


Little brown girl no one dares speak of your sorrow, your plight so they stand boldly, they mock and they stare

could it be that no one cares?


Little brown girl I’d tell you now if I knew it would help somehow little brown girl if you only knew the misery, the torture, awaiting you.


Little brown girl I weep for you born a woman and a hated hue.


Little brown girl little brown girl heed my warning I know what I’m saying I’ve been where you’re going


Little brown girl here’s the simple truth you were born in a world that simply hates you no other words, no other explanation the color of your skin is your condemnation.


Little brown girl I pray for you to rise above how the world views you to beat the odds and eat the chips that they all stacked against you.


Little brown girl I’m your biggest fan I see your strength the weights under which you stand.


Little brown girl fire in her heart the world set against you from the very start.


Little brown girl even the brown boy isn’t loyal. He will love you then leave you. To struggle and toil. And don’t get it twisted even if he stays he will add to your troubles not keeping them at bay.


Little brown girl, little brown girl the salt of the earth thrown into the tire straight from the hearth.


Little Brown Girl I’m pleading with you don’t give now you have too much to do.


Little brown girl so much to accomplish once you are done they’ll all be astonished.


Little brown girl something to be admired instead of oppressed you should be desired.


Little brown girl in a perfect world there’d be no reason for your tears to unfurl.


Little brown girl stand through the pain stand through murk, the mire, the world’s disdain.


Little brown girl stand through those tears for one day soon you’ll be the very thing they fear.


Little brown girl I salute you go ahead with your bad self and show them what you can do. Little brown girl, little brown girl, Little brown girl.


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