Serving Muslim Women who Experience(d) Sexual Assault

Throughout America, many Muslim communities persist in stigmatizing all discussion of sex-related subjects. Even though sexual assault and abuse are widespread, conversations about it are rare – and the pressure for victims and their families to “keep it a secret” helps perpetuate abuse.

Prioritizing Self-Care

During these chaotic times, taking extra steps to prioritize yourself plays a large part in your coping and healing process.

Protecting our Vulnerable Communities

As many of us sit comfortably at home wishing we could be out and about, there are also those who are terrified to be home. It is unsafe and they may have nowhere else to go.

Survivor Stories

By Ashley Eovaldi Sexual assault is something that is sadly very prevalent in our society today. As a student at Wayne State University I have met all different types of people each having their own unique story and experiences. Unfortunately, many of the people who I have met in my life are survivors of sexual assault. Although this is a …

Why are Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Treated Differently?

Why are Sexual Assaults on College Campuses Treated Differently? By: Gina Telega   With strong feminist positions taking a forefront and activism like the #MeToo movement, the topic of sexual assault is getting more attention than it has in previous decades. Even with these steps in the right direction, information regarding sexual assault is still being swept under the rug. …