Advocate’s Inspiration

An Advocate’s Inspiration

An Advocates Inspiration

By:  Kristyn Weinert, LLMSW

WC Safe First Responder Sexual Assault Advocate


We are all born with a unique opportunity to be given a choice to determine our fate and destiny in life.  Some say it’s a passion, others it’s a calling; however to me it’s both and what I call inspiration to be a voice for others.  As Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.  For me, this profound and resonating statement describes my life’s purpose to stand for the well-being, equality and justice of others to ultimately make a positive impact and improve the lives of others.  By taking such a stand, my actions allow an individual to develop a safer, more secure, healthier and more stable foundation that would assist that individual to move forward in life.  A little bit of kindness can change a whole day, year, or life.



We get so caught up in what you’re supposed to do; you miss out on what you’re meant to. Being an advocate is to provide individuals and families with compassionate care, support, and empathy and being the voice to those who temporarily lost theirs.  We are agents of change working to improve the lives of others by advocating for a diverse population.  We are heroes and our superpower is empathy.  We promote social justice so everyone can get an equal and fair change.  We empower clients with strengths within the community and build upon them to make a positive impact. Standing up for the rights of others and working towards obtaining needed resources, providing coping skills and self-care techniques.  I provide every individual I encounter with tools to help ignite their inspiration.  



Every day is a constant reminder of a new day and I look forward to what awaits me.  I search for what inspires me to becoming the best version of myself.  My inspiration is a collaboration of  clients, co-worker, other disciplines, friends, family and nature.  A wise woman; my mother, once told me that you never have to search for inspiration.  Inspiration is a blank painting canvas and all that we need is around us every single day.  If we quiet our minds for a brief moment we can see, hear, touch, taste and smell that inspiration.  Just like each and every single individual inspiration is unique, limitless, has no boundaries nor is judgmental.  It comes in all unique forms, shapes, sizes, sounds, and colors.  Just take a deep breath, open your eyes, take the first step and extend your arm out to embrace that inspiration no matter what it is.  Let no one stand in your way to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  You are in control of your destiny and happiness.  You will face several obstacles that will challenge you, but stay focused on the goal or dream that you set for yourself.  Remember to smile and be gracious; even when things may not be going as you planned, but the way it is intended.  Some of life’s unexplained detours end up creating a more fulfilling journey that was meant for you alone.  All you need to do is take a leap of faith and be kind to yourself.  Breathe, one step forward and know that you are never alone.  I’m with you always.   


I would like to take a moment to personally say thank you to all those individuals I have met in my life; co-workers, professors, family and friends for inspiring me with your stories, struggles and success.  Your trust in me will continue to burn the endless inspirational torch inside of me to be my best version of myself, be an inspiration to those I encounter and together we can continue to make a difference, provide hope and inspire others, including our  families, communities, and world with love, hope, and faith.  When society is judgmental.  Inspiration is free.



Food for thought:  Here are some questions to get you started.

  • Who inspires you or who do you inspire? 
  • What inspires you?
  • Where do you find your inspiration?
  • When do you seek, look, or find inspiration?
  • Why do you look for or give inspiration?
  • How do you give or receive inspiration?


About Kristyn Weinert

Kristyn Weinert, LLMSW, First Responder Sexual Assault Advocate, who completed her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work from Wayne State University in Detroit and has her limited license in Social Work to practice in Michigan.  Kristyn has been selected by Wayne State University Social Work Dean to be the student committee student advisor during her three years in the Social Work Program.  Kristyn was awarded by the National Association of Social Workers in 2015– Michigan Chapter Student of the Year for Wayne State University for leadership, academic success, community involvement, and contribution to the positive image of the social work profession.  While obtaining her BSW & MSW, Ms. Weinert interned with Residential Hospice and Harbor Oaks Hospital. She has experience working with adults and families in a clinical and medical setting.  Her clinical interests include in working with mental illness, grief, and loss, anxiety, PTSD and depression as it relates to trauma.  

At Wayne County SAFE, Ms. Weinert is a First Responder Sexual Assault Advocate and provides advocacy and counseling to youth 12 and older as well as secondary support to non-offending family members.  Ms. Weinert is inspired and passionate in helping assist youth, adults, vulnerable, oppressed and underserved populations, and is always mindful in working with a diverse cross-cultural society.  She utilizes a therapeutic setting by creating an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and effective communication. She has an interest in utilizing CBT-DBT, Grief and Loss, and Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, guided imagery and meditation.